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Adaptemy Pilot Update: Content Changes

After receiving lots of feedback from our Adaptemy Pilot teachers about our content, we’ve made a few changes to provide students with a better learning experience. Next week we’ll be starting the process of splitting the content into first, second, and third year sections, beginning with the Number strand. For now, here are the details of the changes that have been made based on the feedback we’ve received.

Big changes 

1. Probability topic reduced from 10 nodes to 8

  • Listing – Sample Spaces and Experimental and Theoretical Probability removed. Moved those questions to other nodes.
  • Added 9 questions (replaced 6 with better questions and added 3 new ones).

2. Interpreting Data added 11 questions (replaced 9 and added 2 new).

Smaller Changes 

1. Intro to coordinate geometry node re-worked as some questions were too long.

2. Parallel lines theorems question fixed that wasn’t accepting the correct answer (shown below).Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 12.46.18


3. Circles – Area and Circumference and Speed/Distance/Time difficult questions split up to make the node easier to work through and create a more progressive learning experience.


Thank you for all the suggestions so far and keep letting us know of any improvements we can make to help our teachers and students. Tweet us @adaptemy to tell us how you’re getting on!