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Adaptemy’s Resolutions For 2015


While my last post focused on New Year’s resolutions for EdTech users, we’ve also made some resolutions to guide everything we do this year and keep us focused on enabling every student in every classroom to reach their full potential through personalised learning. We’re aiming to stay at the cutting edge of digital learning development this year, harnessing the potential of technology to empower teachers and engage learners. The resolutions below represent our goals for 2015 and the ways in which we intend to achieve them.

At the core of the Adaptemy system is our belief that adaptive learning technology can create a better educational experience for teachers and their students. We’re aiming to continue to harness this potential throughout the year to transform classroom learning, and the Adaptemy pilot programme for Junior Cert maths will be joined by exciting new developments such as our pilot programme for GCSE maths. Additionally, we’ll be continually developing the latest thinking on topics such as adaptive learning in order to inform and excite others in the area. Adaptive learning technology is our passion, and we know what the classroom of the future looks like – we’re looking forward to making it a reality in 2015!

Although every student is under pressure to achieve, no two are the same and each student learns in their own way at their own pace. By using adaptive learning technology to engage students with personalised learning, we strive to meet the needs of every student. The first step towards this goal is understanding the way in which an individual learns, and this information allows us to provide solutions that enable every student to reach their full potential. The system at the core of the Adaptemy pilot programmes for Junior Cert and GCSE maths assesses each student’s competence in a particular topic quickly and efficiently before providing immediate feedback, engaging the student as they move forward and ensuring that the whole class reaches their potential.

Teachers are also under pressure to ensure that students achieve, and reaching each student in a busy classroom can be challenging. However, we believe that teachers are more than capable of meeting this challenge when armed with the correct tools. Our goal for 2015 is to continue providing teachers with the content and information they need to implement personalised learning solutions, which can improve the educational experience by ensuring that no student gets left behind. The Adaptemy pilot programme’s teacher dashboard allows teachers to monitor student activity and progress, and teachers can set assignments for their students to complete at home. The system also provides real-time information about the needs of individual students and recommendations for addressing these needs. Teachers are a vital part of everything we do, and we’re committed to supporting our teachers this year.

The above resolutions will guide everything we do in 2015 as we continue to make exciting developments in adaptive learning technology. Stay tuned for news about these developments throughout the year, and tweet us @adaptemy or post to our Facebook page for more information about what we’ll be up to this year!