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Innovative pedagogy and digital revenues

Premium education in Spanish and Latin American schools is highly competitive. Institutions vie for student enrolments and digital differentiators are considered a key part of the industry’s offering. The weakness of dated textbook offerings has been recognised by all, with a strong desire to introduce innovative pedagogies and technologies.

Grupo Planeta are Spain’s largest media company turning over €3bn. Among its companies is Aula Planeta, a specialist education company with a strong reputation in premium and innovative education offerings across Spain and Latin America.

Aula Planeta is a digital-only education company; an established seller of premium digital resources with particular success in the semi-private and private schools sectors. Its strategy is to build its educational and pedagogical expertise and its brand to disrupt the textbook-centric incumbents.

Since signing a partnership with Adaptemy in April 2016, Planeta is on track to grow its annual digital revenues to over €60m by 2021.

  • Identified adaptive learning as a key market differentiator
  • First to Spanish market with a successful adaptive solution
  • Expanded to Latin America after initial success in Spain
  • On track to grow its digital revenues to €60m in 2021

The challenge

Traditional competitors in the education markets had offered weak digital solutions as supplements to print, but any attempt to offer sophisticated digital solutions had failed in the market or never even passed pilot stage. Planeta recognised that to succeed in this market, they would need a comprehensive and innovative solution, with carefully proven effectiveness. The solution would need three components: innovative pedagogy, premium digital resources and intelligent learning technologies.

The Solution

When Planeta signed a partnership with Adaptemy to provide the intelligent learning technologies component (an adaptive and personalised learning platform) for its offering, Matic, it became the first company to successfully launch an adaptive learning solution to the Spanish market.

Just over a year later, Aula Planeta launched the adaptive learning solution project in Mexico and is currently integrating the Adaptemy engine into their whole school offering. This will power the content delivery and gather user analytics across all products. Their teams in Spain and Mexico are actively working with Adaptemy to generate actionable insights from the data generated, to drive product improvements and sales efficiencies.

The Results

  • September 2016: Launched first Adaptive product in Spain.
  • November 2016: Achieved desired price point  in the market.
  • January 2017: Achieved Y1 license revenue target.
  • May 2017: Beat licence expectations by 57%.
  • November 2017: Launched Mexican product.
  • On track for digital revenue projections of €60m by 2021

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