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Introducing Build Up

1Adaptemy and Folens are proud to introduce Build Up, our new adaptive learning solution for higher and ordinary level Junior Cert and Transition Year maths students. Build Up has been developed using data and feedback from our Adaptemy pilot programme, and working with Folens has allowed us to develop a unique classroom experience that engages students and empowers teachers. 2 Conor Flynn, Chief Operating Officer at Adaptemy, believes that the Adaptemy pilot programme has provided invaluable information about a diverse range of teachers, schools, and locations across Ireland. 52 schools, 83 teachers, and 2691 students have taken part in the programme since its launch in September 2014, and these users have produced data that have allowed us to develop and refine our adaptive learning solution. We have received excellent feedback about the programme, with 98% of teachers agreeing that their students enjoy using Adaptemy and 80% of students stating that they want to use the system for subjects other than maths. Using Adaptemy for one class session and one homework session per week, our students have answered 170,000 questions, completed 600 classroom sessions, learned 15,000 new concepts, and engaged in 6,300 hours of learning. As such, the Adaptemy pilot programme has been extremely successful and the huge amount of data that has been collected as a result has allowed us to improve our adaptive learning solution. 3 Daniel McCrea, Project Manager at Adaptemy, described the ways in which working with Folens has led to the development of a better experience for teachers and their students. Build Up caters to the needs of both higher level and ordinary level students within the same class as a result of the emphasis placed on mixed ability classes throughout the partnership, and customer service has greatly improved in order to meet the standard set by Folens. The system has also improved in that it can support more concurrent users, and the teacher dashboard was redesigned after this issue was highlighted during a Folens-led focus group. However, the most important benefit of the partnership has been the production of more and better content. Mike Keating, teacher and author of the Active Maths textbooks, executed and supervised the production of this content in order to ensure that students will receive a wide range of high-quality questions during their Build Up experience. Additionally, Dr. Ioana Ghergulescu has used current academic research and customer feedback to improve the student journey and deliver improved learning outcomes. These improvements highlight the ways in which working with Folens has shaped the Build Up experience. 4 5 Build Up is an exciting development in adaptive learning technology that improves on many aspects of the Adaptemy pilot programme. The student journey through a concept is clearer and supported by printable maps, and the flow of these concepts has improved. As mentioned above, the quality and volume of question content has greatly improved and past exam papers in English and as Gaeilge have been added in order to give students additional support. The data that is presented to teachers and students is more accurate, and teachers receive relevant feedback about the progress of the whole class and individual students in order to facilitate the preparation of future classes. Teachers can print these reports for their own records and for use in situations such as parent teacher meetings, and customer service is now available through live web chats and instructional videos. Conor O’Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer at Adaptemy, emphasised Ireland’s pioneering role in the adoption of adaptive learning technologies. Irish schools are the first to use Build Up’s personalised and adaptive solutions in the classroom, allowing students to learn at their own pace for the first time. Adaptive learning solutions will be developed for use in other countries in the future, and as such Ireland is at the cutting edge of education technology. 6 7 8 The full version of Build Up is now available for purchase here, and teachers can apply here to receive a trial version with the algebra strand unlocked until September 2015. Build Up has received an extremely positive response so far, and we hope to empower many teachers across Ireland to deliver personalised solutions and improved learning outcomes to their students. Learn more about Build Up by watching the introductory video, and if you would like more information don’t hesitate to contact us at or tweet us @adaptemy.