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Supporting back-to-school in Spain

Over the last 6 months, Spain has suffered more than most countries from the Covid-19 pandemic. The country has been in lock-down, with families restricted to their apartments. The country has struggled to reopen, but it has been difficult to balance the different sectors of society (New York Times).

Adaptemy have been working with Aula Planeta over the last few months on a new solution.

Activa is a complete digital learning solution with a focus on active learning.

Activa recognises that learning takes place best in active challenges that are often group-based and teacher-facilitated. But a prerequisite of good group learning is that each student has a solid understanding of the core concepts and skills of a topic. This is where Aula Planeta has collaborated with Adaptemy.

Aula Planeta has integrated personalised exercising activities via shareable Smartlinks within each learning unit, enabling each student to build confidence and mastery.

These exercising activities:

  • are carefully curated to complement the didactic sequence of each unit
  • prepare each learner for the unit by activating the prerequisite concepts
  • adapt the content to each learner’s individual profile
  • give immediate feedback to the learner and suggest appropriate practice
  • adjust the challenge level of each question to balance the learner’s confidence and progress
  • can be used flexibly by teachers to support approaches to each unit

Our previous research has shown that this adaptive approach to personal exercising has a large impact on learner progress, with a net grade improvement of 16 to 20%.

Adaptemy are delighted again to deepen our support for Aula Planeta’s mission of improving the educational opportunities for students in Spain. We hope that this enhanced digital programme with a modern pedagogy will make a real difference to teachers and students in Spain as we all search for better ways to learn.